Schedule - PostgreSQL Development Conference 2024

Harmonizing Horizons: Cultivating Inclusivity and Innovation in the PostgreSQL Community

Date: 2024-05-29
Time: 16:00–16:50
Room: Sauder(2270)
Level: Beginner

Let's explore the dynamic landscape of the PostgreSQL community, where we celebrate achievements and envision a future of unparalleled growth and inclusivity. This talk delves into the heart of PostgreSQL, acknowledging the invaluable contributions made by its diverse members beyond code. We'll shine a spotlight on the existing strengths of our community while passionately advocating for all kind of contributions. Embracing openness and fostering a culture of inclusivity, we aim to cultivate an environment that attracts new talents from every corner of the globe.

Through a comprehensive examination, we'll navigate the paths already paved for success and identify areas where improvement is both feasible and essential. Our journey will not only applaud the accomplishments that have shaped PostgreSQL but also illuminate the opportunities for positive change. Let's collaboratively shape a future where every voice is heard, every talent is valued, and the PostgreSQL community stands as a beacon of innovation and unity. Join us in this transformative dialogue as we envision and co-create a stronger, more vibrant PostgreSQL community together.


Lætitia AVROT