Schedule - PostgreSQL Development Conference 2024

Intro to Hacking on Postgres

Date: 2024-05-29
Time: 09:00–11:20
Room: Segal(1400)
Level: Intermediate

Learn how to hack on PostgreSQL in this two part workshop.

In part 1, Tomas Vondra will introduce you to the Postgres community and how the Postgres development process works -- including submitting patches, doing patch reviews, and participating in commitfests. He will also demo some useful tools for Postgres developers.

In part 2, Rahila Syed will provide insights on what goes into writing code for PostgreSQL. She will dive into various coding constructs which will help developers write efficient PostgreSQL code. This will include an explanation of interfaces of memory management, error handling, transaction semantics, LWLocks and spin locks in PostgreSQL. This will involve how to create dynamic shared memory, register dynamic background processes and synchronise between them. How to write SQL callable C functions and create aggregates. She will give examples on how to pick the most efficient API in a given situation.

Advance registration for this workshop is optional and can be done by selecting this "Additional Option" during general conference registration or by logging in to your registration and navigating to "Additional Options" here if you are already registered for the conference.


Rahila Syed
Tomas Vondra