Schedule - PostgreSQL Development Conference 2024

Time to Go with PostgreSQL

Date: 2024-05-29
Time: 16:00–16:50
Room: Sauder(2270)
Level: Intermediate
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In this talk we will learn how to extend postgresql extensions written in C with Golang modules. During my time in Cybertec I got a chance to work on this interesting project where we added a Go module to a C extension. This exercise was particularly interesting because of how much it decreased the amount of code and effort, and increased the readability.

In this talk we will discuss some of the use cases where this type of cross linking between C and Golang is particularly helpful. We will then use our project as an example to explain how it helped us in extending the project, and add more usability to the extension.

We will conclude this talk with a discussion on what are the limitations to keep in mind when evaluating such a direction for your own project.


Rafia Sabih