Schedule - PostgreSQL Development Conference 2024

Making PostgreSQL Hacking More Inclusive

Date: 2024-05-30
Time: 16:00–16:50
Room: Fletcher(1900)
Level: Beginner
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The PostgreSQL community is a global community of people with various native languages, national and ethnic origins, belief systems, gender identities, and sexual orientations, but participating in the community, particularly via the mailing lists, is not an equally easy experience for everyone.

In this talk, we'll share some positive and negative personal experiences, both our own and those of others, highlighting the challenges faced by those who may be perceived as outsiders.

We'll offer suggestions for how PostgreSQL developers can do a better job including people of many different backgrounds in the development process, both on and off the mailing list, both when they're first getting started in the community and over time as they continue to participate.

We encourage you to come reflect with us on how we can create a better environment for all of us to work together!

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Amit Langote
Masahiko Sawada
Melanie Plageman
Robert Haas