Privacy policy

We store information such as your email address, name and locality only if you decide to send us such information by using one of our systems. In particular, we collect and store the following data, based on which parts of our site you use:


When signing up as a member, we will store your email address, full name and country. If you choose to have your membership listed publicly, this information is listed on our website. If not, the data is never shared with anybody, except if required by law. We store this information permanently so that we can communicate with members regarding association events such as elections, and send reminders about membership expiry etc.

Event registrations

If you have registered for an event (including conferences) managed by Slonik Events Canada, we will collect and store the personal data required to perform this. This includes your name, email, address, country, company association and may include things like selected tshirt size and dietary requirements.

Unless you explicitly requested to, this data is not shared with any other organizations except as required to perform the event (for example, we must give the catering venue information about dietary requirements) or as required by law.

Once an event has completed, sensitive personal data such as dietary requirements, phone numbers and addresses are purged. We retain your email address and name so that we are able to communicate with you about future events. At any time you can opt out of such communications using our opt-out interface.

Invoices and payments

If you have performed a payment of one of our invoices, we will keep a copy of this invoice as well as the related accounting records for accounting and compliance reasons. Your name and address as entered on the invoice will be part of this, as well as your email address. We will also permanently store a record of the payment transaction in the form of a payment reference, but we never store (short or long term) a creditcard number, bank account number, or other payment related personal data.

This data is shared with our accountants as required for them to review our finances, and to process our taxes.


Our systems will store logs for each web request that happens, in order to facilitate tracking down issues. These logs are automatically deleted after a maximum of 12 weeks. Personal data other than IP addresses is never stored in these logs.